Simplex SLJ Shifters


  • Simplex Super LJ
  • SLJ-5057
  • Retro Friction
  • 5/6/7 speed
  • Mint Condition


Simplex SLJ Shifters Super LJ.

Retro Friction shifting levers.

Pro’s choice 1980’s shifters.

The Simplex Retrofriction uses a closely wound spring around a barrel as a directional clutch. Rotated in one direction the spring opens up for less friction, rotated the other way friction tightens the spring which keeps the adjustment for perfect shifting.

Mint Condition.

Worldwide Shipment for Small Packages (up to 2 Kg):

The Netherlands: 8.50 EUR
Europe EU: 16 EUR
Europe non EU: 26 EUR
Worldwide: 30 EUR