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Campagnolo Tool box Tool kit


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Product Description

The tool kit is used and shows some signs of use. The tools are all still in very good condition. Most of the tools show hardly any signs of use.  All taps and cutters are in excellent condition.

There are the bottom bracket taps for both Italian and British threading.

Note!!!  The “U” fork crown race remover (#729 in catalog) is missing and the headset cup remover (#723 in catalog) is missing. And the small spacing spring for headset tool (#712/3) is missing.

Extra are the small tools for pedals dust caps and axles & brake nut.

We ship this toolbox in two separate packages, one with just the empty box and one with all the tools wrapped in paper. Otherwise the tools could damage the inside of the box during shipment.

Weight is 20kg.


Additional Information

Weight21 kg